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SeaEagle HB96 Electric Pump Package SUP - Stand up Paddeling Board

SeaEagle HB96 Electric Pump Package SUP - Stand up Paddeling Board
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Sea Eagle HB96 Electric Pump Package The HybridBoard 96 Electric Pump Package offers... mehr
Produktinformationen "SeaEagle HB96 Electric Pump Package SUP - Stand up Paddeling Board"

Sea Eagle HB96 Electric Pump Package

The HybridBoard 96 Electric Pump Package offers convenience with assured reliability and has been upgraded with an ultra light, carbon fiber, three part, fully adjustable, dihedral blade SUP paddle, and electric pump.

The dihedral blade allows for an easy "pull" through the water and effortless exit. The ergonomic handle grip provides consistent blade oriented strokes and together they maximize complete efficiency. You just can't go wrong with the Electric Pump Package.

Featuring the World's First and only innovative Paddle Pocket - A great way to quickly and conveniently secure your SUP paddle!

The New Sea Eagle HB96 is a great all-around hi-performance inflatable SUP. Perfect for both flat water and surf, beginner and expert alike. The Stand Up/Sit Down/Surfing Hybrid 9'6" gives you a fantastic work out and a great view of the water from a standing position.

At 9'6" long, 32" wide, and 6" thick this SUP will provide you with plenty of stability. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced stand up paddle boarder, you'll find the Sea Eagle Hybrid 9'6" SUP tons of fun!

Best suited for those weighing 175 lbs or less.

Key Features

Front and Rear Quick Grab Handles, Bungee Cord Storage Attachment and Diamond Deck Pad with D-rings for optional seat attachment

Conveniently located Front and Rear Quick Grab Handles makes it easy to get your Hybrid SUP through the surf and anywhere you want to go! Full length EVA foam Diamond Deck Pad provides excellent traction and maximum foot comfort while surfing and on extended tours. Front Bungee Cord Storage Attachment designed to easily secure items such as a life jacket, dry bag, water bottle or almost anything you'd like to take along on your stand up paddle boarding session. Add an optional seat and your Hybrid SUP becomes a sit-a-top paddle board.

World's First and only SUP Paddle Pocket

Inspired by many countless hours in the surf, this uniquely innovative feature of our Hybrid Series SUP makes for a super quick way secure your paddle. No more fumbling around with your paddle while carrying your SUP and/or while in the surf where milliseconds often count. Simply slide your paddle blade into the paddle pocket and rest assured that it will be there when you need it!

6" thick with Nose Rocker, Tail Rocker, Continuous Rocker Throughout and a Custom Performance Kick Tail

Take your SUPing to a whole new level with our 6" thick boards. Made with 4" Nose Rocker to make surfing waves entry much easier, 2" Tail Rocker so you can release the tail for advanced tricks and high performance maneuvers such as 360s and quick turns, a Continuous Rocker Throughout to prevent nose diving, and a Custom Performance Kick Tail preventing you from slipping off the tail and assisting you with blind foot placement that's precise every time! The Sea Eagle Hybrid Inflatable SUP Series isn't just for flat water touring anymore! Whether a novice or advance rider wanting to tour the flat waters or surf, this hybrid design is sure to suit your needs!


HB96 Specifications
Exterior: 290cm x 81cm x 15cm
Board Thickness: 15cm
Weight: 10 kg
Load Capacity: 1 person or 79 kg
Deflated: 86cm x 33cm x 18cm
Material: 1100 Decitex Reinforced Drop Stitch
Seam: Quadruple Overlap
Air Valves: One Way
Inflation time: 4 Minutes

Standard Features

  • Sit down or stand up paddling and surfing
  • Upturned bow for surfing (4" nose/entry rocker)
  • Slight continuous rocker throughout
  • Upturned stern for performance surfing (2" tail/exit rocker)
  • World's first and only paddle pocket for quickly securing paddle
  • EVA foam diamond deck pad
  • EVA foam custom performance kick tail
  • Two small, leading, easy slide-in, removable, side skegs for better tracking (interchangeable)
  • Large, easy slide-in, removable, rear center skeg (interchangeable)
  • D-Rings and shock cords at bow to secure gear
  • Conveniently located front quick grab handle
  • Center balance middle carry handle
  • Center seat D-Ring attachments
  • Conveniently located rear quick grab handle
  • Large rear D-Ring attachment for leash, towing, etc..
  • Up to 14 PSI max air pressure capacity
  • Deluxe recessed Halkey Roberts style air valve
  • Drop Stitch inflatable construction provides tremendous rigidity
  • Skid resistant foot pad
  • Additional reinforcement layers
  • Printed instructions
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